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Best Golf Course Management

The Best Golf Course Marketing Tools


The market today is very competitive, in this market we have found that a little marketing can go a long way, it will help build a customer base and will encourage those customers to buy more often and more quickly. Golf course owners and managers want golfers to come and golf time after time, they also want them to refer new customers. Most owners or managers will invest in a golf management software that will deal with some of the marketing to generate exposure and increase revenue. In this article we will discuss some of the best marketing tools for operators of golf courses.


Building a custom website is the first marketing options. Your online presence will look professional and you will build sales by having an online calendar and online tee time booking. The trick is finding the right platform, you want something that looks professional but is easy to maintain. To ensure that the site is always up to date it needs to be easy for anyone on your team to update the news, promotions and events. This kind of information will keep people coming back time after time. Read on below or visit


Database and email marketing is the next tool. This will allow you to communicate better with your customers; and will let you pass along relevant and targeted offers. You might choose to give people free rounds or membership savings all through a loyalty program that will be communicated via emails. You should be taking full advantage of your golf database so that you can send your customers relevant information and specials.


A great tool for all businesses is online marketing. Advertising on relevant websites will build your SEO and will ultimately drive customers to your website or your tee time booking agent. When you do this properly you will tap into another websites customer base and be able to extend your reach to interested parties.


Third party tee time marketing is a great tool that is unique to golf courses. This tool will also extend your reach and build exposure for your golf course, but it will do so by working with a third party that already has a customer base. One of the best things about this is that you will only pay when the third party actually books tee times and sells your course. Doing this marketing will safe your out of pocket expenses.


All marketing efforts should build customer awareness and inspire people to see what you have to offer. When you succeed in getting someone to play your golf course the goal changes to getting repeat customers. To do this you need to have consistent communication, special offers, and maybe even a loyalty program. Visit website to find the best tools for marketing.